Project NATAL

Project NATAL is an exer-game prototype designed to "assist pregnant women with a BMI>30 to engage in safe and effective exercise in their own home". The game uses a webcam to track the movements of the player and allows them to complete a variety of exercises that are appropriate for their individual fitness level. While compelting exercises, go off on a series of quests and adventures to grow your home from a small village into a bustling town.
This project was made by Joshua Barko and Padraic Heaton, in collaboration with Dr. Jaime Garcia, Prof. Rob Duffield, Dr. Deborah Fox, Juan Tenorio, Fiza Mughal, and Gemechu Kumera.Joshua's Contributions Include:
  • Game Design
  • Procedural Level Generation
  • 3D Modelling
  • Webcam Tracking
  • Webcam Depth Calibration
University of Technology Sydney5 Month Project | Team


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If you are curious to learn more about the project and work we aim to achieve, you can visit the website here:Project NATAL