Fury of the Pharaohs

Fury of the Pharaohs is an online multiplayer arena shooter, where you play as one of the children of the recently deceased Pharaoh. Enter a deadly battle against your siblings in order to claim the empty throne for yourself. Utilise a variety of magical powers and abilities, gifted to you by the Gods themselves, with the sole purpose of slaughtering your way to the top. Only one sibling can remain, let the bloodshed begin!
This was a university project made by Joshua Barko, Riley Watson, Claudia Skinner, Thalia Johnson, and Razin Agida Kaharuba, in collaboration with Phil Tran, Daniel Dissington, and Amber Gallant.Joshua's Contributions Include:
  • Game Design
  • Online Multiplayer Development
  • Character and Map Design
  • Game Combat - Shooting and Character Abilities
  • UI Design and Implementation
  • Character Balancing
University of Technology Sydney12 Week Project | Team

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